Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lab #1

For this lab, I chose various locations in Winston-Salem and wrote suggestions on how they might be improved to be more aesthetically pleasing and useful.

Lab #7

I chose to do the lab on vacations and I compiled a photo journal with research on the vacation policies in countries around the world as compared to the vacation policies and practices in the United States.

Lab #6: Friends

After reading this Lab, I think that the main reasons that people have less close friends is because of technology and the whole idea of being "popular" at schools. I feel that technology is causing this shift in friendships because instead of people meeting in person to talk, or even tak over the phone, they are using texting and facebook which aren't as emotionally connecting between people. Also, even though the whole idea of being "popular" is to have more friends I feel like people are so busy trying to meet new people so that they have the most friends, that they aren't taking the time to get to know the friends that they already have. One of my favorite quotes about friendship says, "A friend is someone who knows everything about you, but still loves you anyway." A feel like people aren't taking the time to trust and really get to know people before they are off finding new "friends". Friends are an important part of people's lives and it should be about quality, not quantity.

Lab #4: Trust

In order to test out this lab, I surveyed forty people about how they felt about trust. I asked them two questions: First, do you think the average person can be trusted and then I asked them how many people they have known that they have fully trusted. After getting all the results, I found the 73% of the people believed that the average person could not be trusted and that only 27% of people could be.
Some people gave their own explanation for the reasoning behind their answer. I got these responses from people who said that the average person could not be trusted said this:
-“No, the average person can not be trusted because people are only looking out for themselves.”
-“No, trust has to be earned. It takes a long time to earn trust, and just a few seconds to destroy it.”
-“No, I don’t think that the average person can be trusted because most people these days are caught up in gossip and they can’t help themselves but to join in on the talk. Also a lot of people rely on lying to fix things.”

These were the responses from people who said that they would trust the average person:
-“Yes, because most people have been betrayed in their life and know the importance of trust.”
-“I feel the average person can be trusted because they know that if they were telling you something important, they would not want it told either.”
For the second part of the survey I asked everyone about how many people they had known that they felt they could fully trust. I found that 70% of the people said they knew 0 to 5 people they could fully trust, 20% of people said they knew 6 to 10 people they could fully trust and 10% of the people said they knew 11 to 20 people that they could fully trust.
Overall, it seems that people definitely don't trust the people around them.